a new disaster?
disorganized and conclusionless thoughts

i like the fez/hyper light drifter osts' aesthetic. that's the kind of music i want to make. but i also want to make it xen, because that sounds cool and there's no good reason not to.
core elements of this style:

that last one is the tough one if we want it xen. we need scales which are melodically strong and mostly consonant, which are famously pretty tough to come by. i think i should work with alternating generators maybe, but idk. like, finding a macrotemperament and detempering it? also been checking out mosses that repeat at the fifth, which sound cool. also there's this 7-limit scale generated by 5/4 and repeating at 4/3 tempering out the marvel comma. it feels really valuable but i have no clue what to do with it. thats all for now :p